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White Hart Travesty

SH*t Sign
The advert below appeared in the Brentwood Borough Council Newspaper's Nov/Dec 2004 "Culture Bites" section. The advert for the Sugar Hut Village glowingly refers to "the town's, if not Essex's most historically treasured building" and that they've been busy "reforming this magnificent structure to its former glory". Rather ominously, I notice the word "reforming" is used instead of "restoring". It is doubly ironic as the same council is now investigating 76 alleged breaches of listed building planning rules. According to the Brentwood Gazette (November 10th 2004) Brentwood Council are considering pursuing criminal proceedings over dozens of changes made to the historic Grade II* listed building without planning permission.

Externally, nothing now identifies the building as the historic White Hart, as both the White Hart lettering and the White Hart sign have been removed. The White Hart sign has been replaced with their own sign (top right).

sugarhut logo
Situated in the vibrant heart of Brentwood High Street in what can only be described as the town's, if not Essex's most historically treasured building, along with reforming this magnificent structure to its former glory, the Sugar Hut Village will take you on a mystical voyage into an intimate candlelit world filled with fascinating and illuminating displays of ancient artifacts. The care, intensity, passion and raw energy that has gone into this reformation has blended superbly with this new creation. Your senses will be enveloped with various mixtures of soothing ambient music set in a perfect fusion of Thai, Moroccan and Oriental textiles and culture. The Sugar Hut's highly acclaimed restaurant will serve the finest Thai cuisine in the western world within the four adjoining bars you may lounge on lavish beds, sip unique cocktails that are simply . . . to Thai for! Then let the magical world of prosperity, happiness and longevity lap over you, not only a place to escape, unwind, relax and make friends but, fundamentally, a new temple of entertainment. This mysterious, hypnotic space is dedicated to parties, meetings, exchanges which generates an aura of undeniable energy. . . A story is born.

Oh my gawd. What a pretentious wank!